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13th October, 2020

Introducing the Frugal Bottle. The world’s first paper bottle made of 94% recycled material

Introducing the Frugal Bottle. The world’s first paper bottle made of 94% Recycled material. This truly sustainable solution is designed to be produced and printed in house. The Frugal Bottle’s carbon footprint is up to 6 times lower than a conventional bottle and 5 times lighter. It’s not only already recycled, it’s RECYCLABLE. That means we can […]

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22nd April, 2020

New coffee cup study shows recycled paper coffee cup has 60% lower carbon footprint than normal cups and would save more than 200 billion litres of water and up to 200 million trees a year

A ground-breaking new study released on Earth Day (April 22) reveals the world’s first recyclable coffee cup made from recycled paper, the British-made Frugal Cup, has a carbon footprint up to 60% lower and a water footprint up to 74% lower than conventional and compostable cups that would globally save up to 200 million trees […]

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9th April, 2020

Bywaters and Frugalpac: Sustainable Coffee

We’re Bywaters, a sustainability and waste management company based in East London. In this guest post, we’re talking about our project with Frugalpac, and how together we’re working to make London’s universities more sustainable. At Bywaters, our clients expect us to provide the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions possible. So, when we launched our […]

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6th September, 2019

Little Creatures Brewery launches bespoke Frugal Cup

Little Creatures Brewery in London has taken a bold step towards a more sustainable future, by commissioning a bespoke design of the Frugal Cup. According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eunomia Research & Consulting, the UK is set to throw away a third more single-use coffee cups than at present […]

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