Trentham Golf Club leads the way as Frugal Cup Pioneer

Trentham Golf Club leads the way as Frugal Cup Pioneer

High profile Golf Club, Trentham has announced its commitment to supporting a more sustainable future, by becoming a pioneer of the first fully recyclable coffee cup made of recycled paper, the Frugal Cup.

According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eunomia Research & Consulting, the UK is set to throw away one third more single-use coffee cups than at present, by 2030.

Designed specifically to combat this, the ‘Frugal Cup’ offers an environmentally friendly solution for outlets and consumers seeking an alternative to difficult to recycle cups. Fully recyclable and made from 96% recycled materials, the Frugal Cup consists of two elements that separate so both the paperboard and food grade liner can be easily recycled during the standard recycling process.

Driven by its aim to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible, Trentham Golf Club found the Frugal Cup through careful research into the most sustainable options available on the market. Having already switched to using paper straws, they knew they also needed to address the supply of paper cups used daily.

Una Handley, general manager at Trentham GC commented:

“We’re delighted to be stocking Frugal Cup and the Frugal Lid. Switching to a recyclable coffee cup supplier was vital to us as we’re committed to using sustainable solutions across the business. When we started to research the options out there, we were shocked to discover that many of the cups available on the market were, in fact, not easily recycled in the UK. We are delighted that we found Frugal Cups, as the only fully sustainable option currently on the market. We were also very happy to discover that the Frugal Lid had just been launched meaning that we can offer our members fully sustainable coffee and reduce the amount of coffee cup waste we produce.

Paul McReynolds, head of sales and marketing at Frugalpac, added:

“People may not be fully aware of the amount of coffee cups used at golf clubs, factoring in guests and players. We were thrilled when Trentham got in touch and to hear their journey to discovering Frugal Cups through extensive research and comparison into other coffee cups on the market. It’s great to welcome Trentham Golf Club onboard! To have the backing of such a prominent venue which has hosted the qualifiers of The Open Championship and which consistently welcomes a large number of visitors is the best way to spread the word about the innovative Frugal Cup, the first fully recyclable paper cup made using 100% recycled paper that can also be recycled as part of the mainstream paper recycling process.

“The team at Trentham Golf Club work hard to reduce the level of waste they produce, which puts them in a great position to help shift industry-wide attitudes on the recyclability of coffee cups, with the aim of working towards a circular economy in the golf and leisure sector.”